Saturday, August 22, 2009

Find a Quiet and Comfortable Place to Write

This afternoon, I finally moved a writing desk into my bedroom. After months of trying to compose a dissertation on the bed, I had enough. The constant switching of positions, from sitting to laying and back again, made writing a chore.

Knowing that I was going to spend the majority of the weekend behind a computer meant it was time to make a badly needed change. So far, the results are positive.

For starters, I am in a more comfortable position. With the use of an executive type chair, I can sit up and type or lay back and think. My legs no longer fall asleep and my search for extra pillows to support my back is now officially over.

I have set the desk in the quietest room in the house. During the majority of my doctoral program, I was able to escape into my man cave and write. However, with three growing kids and a small home-based business, the office slowly transformed into a daycare. This move turned me into a wanderer.

I tried using the dining room table, but it was too close to the kitchen. I was often tempted to make refrigerator pit stops and then later entertain others who did likewise. I tried the living room, but the foot traffic and house noise gather there. Overall, these distractions were enough to affect the flow of my writing. In some cases, I did not write at all.

As with most things, my greatest achievements come out of necessity. In this case, it is faced with a deadline and a drive to complete the doctoral program.

I share this entry to empress upon you the importance of a quiet and comfortable place to write. Remember, writing is an important aspect of our online lives as well as professional success. So, if you have not done so, take this opportunity to examine your existing situation. Is it a spot that will allow you to create freely or is it a place where you fight just to remain sane?

If it is the latter, I encourage you to find a spare room or closet and build an environment that will allow you to think clearly and explore those million dollar ideas.

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