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The Secret to a Tidy and Well Maintained Home or Office

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There are times when I look around my house and wonder how it got in such a sad state of affairs. In 2007, the house was brand spanking new. Today, I have a broken dishwasher, staircase, and possibly an air conditioner. Did I mention the walls could use a few touch-ups as well? With three kids the house has taken a beating. On a daily basis we also wrestle with dirty dishes, unfolded clothes, and toys in disarray. How did it get this way?

The answer to the question is not hard to find. In fact, I am a contributor to the problem, but I am not alone. No, the kids play a huge part in how fast the home turns from an organized palace to a domestic mind field.

What I am going to share with you is what my mother used to tell my sister and I. She would say, "when you are done with it, put it away." Then she would follow up with, "If you would have done it right the first time then you would not have to do it again." Has anyone ever told you that? (slowly raising hand)

Now that I am grown and raising three kids, the message could not be more true. If you would only put stuff away when finished, you can avoid going back later to clean up your mess. Going back means you have to pick up/organize everything you did not put away after use. Based on the time you last did this and the number of contributors, it could be a serious undertaking.

To test my mother's theory, I simply watched how the family normally operates over the course of a day. I watched as individuals left cereal boxes, shoes, toys, unmade beds, toiletries, newspapers, yesterday's clothes, computers, game boys, and dishes laying around or unkempt. As the day wears on, it only gets worse.

It never dawned on me how important a clean/organized home is until I began working. The home can either be an oasis or a prison. It can serve to rejuvenate you or add more stress. The decision is yours. To avoid a desk full of papers, a sink full of dishes, a bed full of clothes, and a floor full of toys, simply put it away when you are done.

Remember: "A place for everything and everything in its place." Go forth and have a wonderful day, one organized item at a time.

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