Friday, October 16, 2009

Twitter Rolls Out List Feature

Yesterday, Mashable announced that Twitter Lists Are Live! Not long after, they updated their article to write, "It appears this feature is only available to a “small group” of users right now (though Twitter’s expanding it)." Thankfully, we now know that lists are right around the corner for the rest of us.

What is Twitter Lists?
Nick Kallen, the lead developer on the project, explains that the feature is a new way to organize information on Twitter. Once completely rolled out to the masses, users will be able to organize contacts into groups. Possible uses include listing coworkers, teammates, friends, industry leaders, favorite bloggers, comedians, actors, musicians, news agencies, and the like. Once created, people can then subscribe to the list.

Final Thoughts
Based on my own observations and interpretations, I see this feature as a way to help you manage a growing list of contacts. Like TweetDeck, Friendfeed, and Facebook, users can be placed into groups for ease of use. If users want to see what your friends are doing, they can simply click on the list and voila!

For web developers, Twitter will also release, at the same time, the API with list modifications. This should be quite exciting and a badly needed enhancement.

Let me know your thoughts about Twitter Lists in the comment section below.

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