Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Does the Future Hold for Friendfeed?

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In an article written by Allen Stern, the author asked the question, "Anyone Still Using Friendfeed?" Through web statistics we find that Friendfeed's unique visitors and visits have dropped by 28% and 27%, respectively.

What is the cause of this drop? You ask. Jeremiah Owyang, Customer Strategist with the Altimeter Group posted the following on Twitter, "To be honest, Friendfeed doesn't have the same appeal it used to post-FB acquisition. I'll just cut my losses and use Facebook instead."

If you can recall, Facebook acquired Friendfeed back in August of this year. Since that time, there have been discussions about the fate of Friendfeed. As a result, we see industry leaders leaning more on other solutions. Stern writes, "Robert Scoble, the most popular Friendfeed user, is now using Twitter’s favorites feature to share content. Consultant Louis Gray appears to be using Google Reader to share content he finds interesting."

For me, not much has changed. The greatest benefit I sought from Friendfeed was found in its ability to aggregate all that I do online and forward my activity to Twitter. This is still the case.

When it comes to interaction, I find that most of my friends, colleagues, and family are located in other places (Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, and Gmail).

This leads me to ask the question, is the recent drop in Friendfeed's unique visitors and visits the first real sign of its inevitable path to the forgotten? Is the writing on the wall? Should we follow the leaders and go elsewhere? If so, where should we go?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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