Sunday, December 27, 2009

Has Feedburner Dropped Friendfeed For Good?

A few days ago, I noticed the number of readers reported in Feedburner had dropped dramatically. As of this minute, the Feedburner widget on my front page shows only 99 readers, but days ago it was around 500. My guess, as I have not been able to find any statements from Feedburner, is that the company stopped showing Friendfeed followers as subscribers.

This massive removal of Friendfeed followers from Feedburner has happened before. However, we received word that the error was only temporary and Friendfeed was soon restored.

At this point, I have heard nothing from any official source but notice there is plenty of chatter on Twitter. So far, the word on the street is that Feedburner has dropped Friendfeed. Some believe it is due to Friendfeed's loss of members. Although, we recently learned Friendfeed is still getting plenty of usage.

Another potential reason for dissolving the relationship could be Facebook's ownership of Friendfeed. I'm not sure why the change has happened now, but it has indeed happened.

The loss of Friendfeed followers from the Feedburner site is not entirely bad. While the loss of readers in the widget is dramatic, I must say it is at least accurate. As others have pointed out, I doubt many Friendfeed followers are in fact reading the blog anyway. So, all we can do is continue to build our readership as if nothing has happened.

Assuming the change is permanent, how do you feel about Feedburner dropping Friendfeed? Has this change affected you or your business in any way? If so, please share your story in the comment section below.

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