Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Does Facebook's Privacy Tool Affect You?

There have been plenty of discussions concerning Facebook's recent change in privacy settings. Early on, when I first read about the company's decision, there were comments that Facebook was trying to be more like Twitter. The issue was the private nature of the site.

Unlike Twitter, users could not read other people's status updates unless given permission. Sure, the same is true with Twitter, but the culture is more about visibility than privacy.

Upon my latest Facebook visit, I received a pop-up box asking me to review my privacy settings. From my name down to images, I have the ability to keep things the way they are (private) or open up the page to everyone, friends of friends, or just friends.

Personally, I am ok with sharing. As a result, I have made much of my public information, public. The question that I have now is, "What next?" Now that I've opened my site and status updates to the world, what happens now? What does all of this mean for Facebook, Twitter, the world?

In the section below, I am interested in reading your thoughts. What do you think about the latest privacy changes in Facebook? What choices have you made? Why? How will this affect you?

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