Monday, December 7, 2009

Make Your Bed: The Secret To Finding Balance

One morning, while riding to work with my carpool partner, I listened to a motivational speaker on CD. The lady was most likely a Mary Kay consultant and she seemed pretty passionate about the topic. While I cannot remember the topic or name of the speaker, I do recall something she said. The woman said everything is connected. If one area of my life gets out of sync, eventually everything else falls victim as well.

The message was intended to aid Mary Kay consultants in their pursuit of business success, but I think it has merit in whatever one plans to do in life. For me, it was just what I needed to get back on track.

The concept, as she described it, was that everything is connected. One's personal life can affect one's business life. Therefore, if one intends to successfully build a strong empire, one should control the personal area as well.

As she continued to talk about life's balance, I was mentally unavailable. My mind raced with ideas. How would I use this valuable information to succeed in my own life?

The answer was to make my bed. Yep, it was that simple. The secret to finding balance in life began by a few shakes of the sheets and pillows.

Like a child's game of dominoes, I found that an organized bed led to an organized bedroom. The well kept bedroom led to a less stressful morning. A less stressful morning led to a manageable day at the office. A manageable day at the office resulted in a relaxing evening. A relaxing evening led to a well rested night.

With each day, my life grew more organized and productive. Productivity affected my attitude, which now affects my altitude.

Indeed, everything is connected. To find balance in our personal, professional, and even spiritual lives, we need to start by doing something right. What better way than to begin with an organized bed. Wouldn't you agree?

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