Monday, February 8, 2010

Interact With Twitter Friends Using Just Your E-Mail

This past Friday, I met a young man by the name of Anil Chawla. Both he and his wife, Varsha Chawla, helped host a meet-up for the AnalyticsCamp unconference scheduled for the following Saturday. Within moments of exchanging introductions, Anil handed over his business card.

Before I had an opportunity to review his information, Anil spoke about his Twitter application called TweetyMail. In a few short words, I understood this tool allowed users to interact with Twitter from within e-mail. The more I listened, the more I liked it.

For me, the immediate appeal was in receiving @mentions from Twitter. Currently, Twitter only e-mails direct messages (DM). With TweetyMail, anytime a user types @damondnollan, I will get an e-mail displaying the message. That is VERY cool!

Another function that stood out is the follow feature. By typing "" in the TO: section of an e-mail and a person's Twitter username in the subject, I can start following people on Twitter with a simple e-mail message. 

Following people through e-mail can come in handy. Think about the ease of use when at a conference or social gathering. With TweetyMail, I can follow people on Twitter in less time than it takes to create a new contact in a cellphone.

Both the follow and @mention functions make using Twitter from a handheld device so much easier. Before TweetyMail, I would have had to open UberTwitter on the Blackberry and wait for the pages to load. Sometimes, it took so long to load that I just gave up waiting, with the promise to check Twitter when I returned to my desk.

TweetyMail can do so much more than just follow and report @mentions. According to the web site, users can tweet text, images, and links, get the latest tweets from your friends, send a direct message, block users, stop following users, and receive alerts based on search terms.

Overall, I am very impressed with Anil and his TweetyMail. From what I understand, the project is 9 months in the making and he has about 1,400+ registered users to date.

If you're tired of using a slow third-party application to interact with Twitter, give TweetyMail a try.

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