Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Oprah Audition Called "The Corey Brown Show"

This morning I learned that a friend and fraternity brother, Corey Brown, decided to audition for Oprah. It seems that Oprah Winfrey is using the web to gather audition tapes similar to what Glee has done on MySpace. As I watched the audition, I started thinking about the value of a good community.

Chris Brogan, a popular blogger and author, recently posted an article entitled, Do you Have A Network in Place. He writes:
There’s no value in your contact list if you don’t reach out to them when you can, and if you can’t offer them value long before you have a request of your own. It goes that way. You have to try and offer what you have. Then, when the time comes, and not in a “quid pro quo” kind of way, there will be some sense that a relationship existed long before you needed it. “Be there before the sale,” Julien and I called it in Trust Agents. Feed your network often. Connect with them. Touch them in whatever ways you can.
Those words speak volumes and, during this once of a lifetime opportunity, having a strong support system (network/community) in place may help propel you to the next level.

To Corey Brown, I am very proud of you for taking this leap of faith and look forward to the day when your show goes primetime.

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