Monday, August 2, 2010

DailyBooth or Facebook For Sharing Life In Pictures?

See, Darin, this is how DailyBooth works...
I don't have it all figured out just yet, but I am having a ton of fun with this new site called DailyBooth. I first learned of this addicting service while catching up on my RSS feeds.

What is DailyBooth?
As I understand it, DailyBooth is a community built on pictures and status updates. The service makes it really easy to use your webcam, uploaded pictures, or mobile e-mail to freshen your stream.

Similar to Twitter or Facebook, users can update their friends by simply posting a picture and attaching a few words to explain what's happening.

Beyond that, users can receive e-mail notifications when someone follows, sends a message, or snaps a new picture. As an added bonus, DailyBooth also connects to Twitter and Facebook for easy sharing.

How does DailyBooth compare to Facebook?
Writing about DailyBooth's community, I started thinking about the service offerings of Facebook. What's different about the two services? Why would one pick this service over another?

Truth be told, I never thought about Facebook in the same way. I got overly excited about the idea of taking pictures with my webcam and posting them online that I momentarily lost sight of what Facebook currently provides.

With a brief visit back to Facebook, I noticed just how simple it is to share a webcam picture or video. By clicking on the picture or video icon, one can quickly capture the moment and share it with Facebook friends. What makes Facebook more appealing over DailyBooth is that I have 1,619 connections. This number includes classmates, coworkers, family, and friends. With DailyBooth, I have only a meager 5 follows.

Sharing with the public
One thing Facebook profiles does not allow is the open sharing with the public. Out of the gate, DailyBooth makes this a default offering. However, with a public facing Fan/Like page, this is easily solved. By capturing a webcam picture or video from the Fan/Like page, content can be readily available to the public. Additionally, visitors can "like" the picture, comment, or share it with friends.

Overall, DailyBooth helped me realize that I want to share webcam photos because they're simple to take. I don't need an expensive camera or Photoshop to participate. I simply point, shoot, and share my daily life one picture at a time. Who knows, maybe the next step is to follow in the footsteps of iJustine, Dan Brown, or Chris Pirillo with daily video blogs. What do you think?

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