Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LinkedIn Rolls Out A Share Button For Your Page

The professional networking site, LinkedIn, just announced a new share button for its users. As seen in the image above, users can choose between a horizontal or vertical design.

According to the LinkedIn blog, the company would like to "offer readers an effective way to share relevant professional content – news, thought pieces, white papers, or presentations on slideshare – with their business network on LinkedIn." The question I have is WHY? Why would I chose to allot an already crowded space for use of a LinkedIn share button? Is LinkedIn really a spot to read interesting shares?

Maybe its just me and the site I manage, but I don't think of LinkedIn as one of the top place for news. Truth be told, I'd start with Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, or Digg, before I go to LinkedIn. This isn't to say I would avoid sharing on LinkedIn, but if we're talking about a choice between a LinkedIn or Twitter button, I would go with Twitter any day.

What would be more valuable to me? you ask. I think the option to share on LinkedIn is good, but prefer to add that functionality along side a group of other popular web sites. Take the Wibiya toolbar on my page for an example. By clicking on the "Share" button, I get Facebook, Twitter, My____(Space), Digg, Google Buzz, and email. This solution allows readers to share content wherever they want, but allows bloggers to reserve the really valuable spot for sites that bring in more traffic, like Twitter or Facebook.

I applaud LinkedIn for trying to stay relevant, I'm sure there are plenty of sites that will find this button useful, but to me it's not the place for streaming news and hot links. Am I misinformed?

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn? Do you think this button will get much use on your page? Why or why not? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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