Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Official Release of "Agents of Secret Stuff"

I just finished watching a new mini-movie on YouTube called, "Agents of Secret Stuff." It stars Ryan Higa, a popular YouTuber with nearly 3 million subscribers, who plays a secret agent tasked with protecting the beautiful Taylor, played by Arden Cho.

This 35-minute production was created by Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions during the course of one week. There were no huge budgets, no support from a major production company, and stars other popular personalities like Dominic Sandoval, from So You Think You Can Dance.

What I like about this project, outside the obvious entertainment value, is the creativity of its producers. Here we have a bunch of individual YouTubers who decide to work together on a video project. It reminds me of a another project where YouTubers created a music video entitiled, "Magic," a song about the popular photo site, Dailybooth.

What these projects display are the willingness of a community to engage and support its own work. Furthermore, it is exciting to watch individuals grow and expand their influence right before our eyes.

For many, YouTube is just a place to post video clips of the mundane. However, if you look closely, you will see a new generation of superstars and major influencers finding their voice. Remember Justin Bieber?  

So, if you have 35-minutes, I would encourage you to watch this entertaining video produced entirely from the creative minds on YouTube.

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