Friday, December 31, 2010

Quick Tip: How Do I Start Podcasting?

When we talk about blogging, another hot topic that seems to come up is podcasting. How does one start a podcast? In this quick tip post, I will tell you how I started the Room 3026 Live Show.

As with everything, there is a beginning. For Room 3026 Live, it began as an experiment. The team, consisting of Derek Brinson, Michael Render, and Darin Tyler, played around with the idea that we would start a radio show. It would allow us to involve people outside our office to join our daily conversation. 

Enter BlogTalkRadio. Within minutes, and I do mean minutes, the guys and I created an account on BlogTalkRadio and we were off. The first episode is nothing more than the team playing around with the tool. How we reached episode 174 is by coming back each day.

So, how do you start podcasting? Grab an account and start playing. 

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.


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