Thursday, February 3, 2011

How To Download And Install Apps From The Android Market Website

Google just announced on their blog the release of its new Android Market website. What does it do? you ask. Starting today, users can search mobile apps from the browser and then install it on the phone without wires. Isn't that nifty?

How Does It Work?
To install Android mobile apps, do the following:

  • Visit the Android Market 
  • Search for an app that you would like to install. To accomplish this, you can either use the search bar, located at the upper right hand corner of the page, explore categories, or check out featured apps.

  • Clicking on an application, users will see its profile. The profile will display description, screenshots, reviews, ratings, and related apps. 

  • Clicking on the app's install button, users will see a list of things affected by the app. If approved, the application will be sent to the phone for installation.

    Note: Users can choose between multiple phones, if applicable. Also, once the install button is clicked, the app is immediately sent to the phone for download and installation. 

  • Google's Android Market not only allows you to download and install applications, but it also keeps a record of apps you previously purchased, downloaded, and installed. This comes in handy for times where you lose the phone or have to get it replaced. Don't worry about trying to remember what you had, just visit the Android Market and resend the apps to your phone.
Closing Thought
Once you fully understand what Google's new Android Market website can do, it quickly becomes an exciting tool for managing apps. 

Additionally, it helps solidify the concept behind cloud computing. Similar to what Google has done for computers, the information is totally separate from the device. You can lose or destroy the device but protect the data.

In case you missed it, check out the video below. I think it explains the power of cloud computing much better than I can tell you.


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