Sunday, June 19, 2011

C3 Chruch Live Blog: Will the Real Man Please Stand Up

Today, Pastor Matt Fry continues the Five Star series, "Will the Real Man Please Stand Up."

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Scripture: James 5:7

10:07 am
Pastor Matt talks about a track star (Derek Redmond) that hurt himself while running a big race. His father ran out of the stands to help him. Derrick said that we have to finish the race. Together, with his dad, they finished the race. Finishing the race was more valuable then ever winning the gold medal. Click here for the video of Derek Redmond.
10:05 am
The second half of Job's life was far better than the first part because he was patient, courageous, and enduring. Let's be men who endure, knowing that by being patient we will see blessings. With Jesus, we have hope.  
10:02 am
Suffering...perseverance...blessing. Three stages to every good work of God. Stage One) It's impossible, Stage Two) It's difficult, and then Stage Three) It's done. It's not about how you start, but how you finish.
10:01 am
Job, even in the worst situation, never cursed God. He continued to praise God. Job is a real man. He endured. He had an eternal perspective. 
9:59 am
Job, Elijah, and Daniel are examples of people with endurance. Job, who was blessed and successful, eventually lost everything (Kids, stuff, and everything). Satan took it all away from him. 
9:57 am
Third point: Real men have endurance. It means to not give up. It means to stick around for the long haul. Real men don't throw in the towel when others do. 
9:55 am
Pastor Matt Fry seeks to move the men into action. He challenges the men to step up and be strong. Forget what the world says, what does God say? "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Are you ready to "Kick butt for God? Are you with me?" Let's make a difference together.
 Matt talks about the C3 Warriors that meet twice a month. The men involved in this program work to make the community better. It's not about being perfect. It's about stepping up. Be courageous. Any dead fish can float down stream. It takes a strong fish to swim against the current.
9:54 am
What makes you angry? What frustrates you? What moves you? Being angry is ok, as long as you don't sin. That anger can be used to fight good causes (human trafficking, AIDS, hunger, broken marriages, perverted lifestyles, suicides, etc.). The very thing that frustrates you can easily become your ministry. This may be God's way of telling you what you need to stand up against.
9:50 am
Second point: Real men have courage. God wants us to be courageous. Courage comes from the inside. Instead of blaming everyone else or complaining, we need to stand up and be the man of God. Women are not looking for perfect men. Women want a man that is courageous and strong. Not strong as in physically, but willing to stand up for the Lord.
9:48 am 
We need to be patient on the Lord. Remember that God will return. When in Heaven, there will be no pain, no death. Matt cannot wait to get to Heaven. He doesn't want to go right now (by himself), he'd like to go with all of us. God's return can come at anytime, though. Be ready.
9:45 am
First point: Real men of God are patient. 
Being patient is really hard to do. We want things now, we want things quick. You can learn a lot about patience while traveling. Matt tells a story about his recent travel experiences on the plane and what he learned about patience. 
To put it another way, patience is having a "long fuse." It takes a long time to get angry.
9:42 am
Outdoor baptisms will take place during both services next Sunday.


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