Sunday, June 26, 2011

C3 Church Live Blog: The Power of Prayer

Today, Pastor Matt Fry continues the Five Star series, "The Power of Prayer."

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Scripture: James 5:13-20

10:09 am
Whenever we pray, we can access the supernatural. Whatever the prayer we need to pray, let's pray that today.
10:06 am
Sin is really just missing the mark. We all are sinners, but God will forgive and cleanse you from sins if we just ask. The effective prayer of a righteous (not perfect) man can accomplish much (James 5:16).
10:02 am
The fourth prayer is "Lord forgive me!" Confess your sins to God and each other. We need to be humble and honest. Many of us are playing games at church. We tend to put this mask on to cover up what we're really struggling with. We will never experience the goodness and healing until we are honest about our hurt and pains. This church is a safe place to talk about our addictions. 
10:01 am
There were some who believe that sin is the reason for our sickness. In James, we learn that sins are different than a sickness. You can be healed and delivered from sin. 
9:59 am
Pastor Matt tells a story about a doctor visit where he found out he had heart problems. Instead of telling the church, he wanted to keep it to himself. Martha strongly encouraged him to talk with the leaders of the church. Sometimes we need to ask God more than once. 
9:56 am
Matt talks about Jim. Jim is a member of the church who was in pain for many years. He prayed to be healed and today he no longer walks with a cane. Jesus told the disciples to heal people and anoint them with oil. There's nothing wrong with doctors or medicine, but the most important thing we need is God and prayer. We also have to do the right thing to take care of ourselves. We have to eat right, exercise, and take our vitamins, but nothing can heal like our God.
9:51 am
The third prayer is "Lord heal me!" If your sick and need a healing, you are to take the initiative to ask the leaders of the church to pray for you. This is an act of humbling ourselves. It's Biblical! What happens if I'm not healed? Sometimes God doesn't heal the way we want him too. Sometimes he'll heal now, sometimes he'll heal later, sometimes he'll heal in eternity.
9:50 am
Only God can give us the ability to "Cheer" and "Praise Him" during the middle of a storm. It could be physical pain or financial hardship. God is faithful to give hope and lift you up.
9:46 am
The second prayer is, "Lord I praise you!" Are you happy? As brought up in the first point, we should praise the Lord even when we face trouble. Many may complain or give up, but we are encouraged to praise the Lord still.
9:44 am
Don't ask "Why?" One should ask, "What?" What are you trying to say to me, God? We need to be humble before the Lord. Matt talks about Paul and Silas. He describes the time they were in a stinky prison. Even then, in that dirt and grime of their situation, they prayed to the Lord. They didn't complain. They praised Him in the midst of the storm.
9:40 am
The first prayer is "Lord help me!" This can be one of the most powerful prayers. One doesn't need a formal prayer. Being all spiritual is not a requirement for a prayer to work. God is not impressed by holier than thou type prayers. 
9:35 am
Pastor Matt comes on stage after an awesome recap video of Fuel 2011. He also talks about the Saturday night service, which begins in July. 

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