Sunday, June 12, 2011

C3 Church Live Blogging: June 12, 2011

Pastor Matt Fry continues his sermon series entitled, "Five Star." To view the sermon live, check out the live feed here.

We continue reading in the Book of James (Chapter 5:1).

9:37 am
Pastor Matt starts by talking about warning signs. He gives silly examples that companies put on their products. However, James gives real warnings.
9:41 am
Being obsessesed with the acquisition of wealth will lead to troubles. This behavior leads to selfishness and the abuse of others all in the effort of financial wealth.
9:45 am
Pastor tells a story of his afternoon run in the middle of the day. His wife Martha delivers a serious warning about running outside in the heat. One must drink plenty of water and sunscreen. The lesson here is that obsession is accompanied by poor decisions.
9:47 am
James continues to say. The wealth of this world is temporary. Money will not last forever. "Your wealth is rotting away." What we should do is seek the Kingdom of Heaven, first. If we do this, then everything else will come into place.
9:49 am
There is a difference between hoarding and saving. It's ok to save, but if you're not going to use it, give it away.
9:53 am
The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Loving money can separate one from God (and family). Be careful!
9:55 am
You can be wealthy and not love money. It's all about what's in your heart. Some are rich on the outside, but poor on the inside. Meaning that some people look like they have everything going good in their life, but on the inside their struggling and their families are falling apart. 
9:56 am
When you have strength on the inside (relationship with God), you can overcome any situation that comes your way. You can have internal peace and know that your acquiring riches and treasures in heaven.
9:58 am
The preoccupation with wealth will erode your character. There are some who get wealthy at the expense of others. Example: Bosses who fail to pay their employee's salaries. This also includes paying your bills (debt) and tithes (robbing God).
10:00 am
Robbing God also includes your heart. God doesn't need your money, it's already his. What he wants is to be first in your life.
10:04 am
Pastor Matt shares his testimony about tithing. He tells of a time where he and Martha did not give the first fruit. To help explain the point, a video testimony of a couple is shown.
10:05 am
The couple tells a story of when they started tithing their first 10%. Similar to what the Word says, they received blessings in return. Their message: Give God your first fruit. 
10:08 am
No matter where you are in life, put your hope in God. God NEVER fails. Money and things will waste away. People may let you down. God won't.
10:09 am
Test God today. Here is the challenge. Give God your tithes and see if he won't bless you. Pastor Matt will give a free book entitled, "The Blessed Life" for those who wish to take this challenge. 
10:10 am
Matt tells a story of a man who recently passed away. He explains that this man, who came to the church only 6 weeks ago, accepted the Lord before his passing. Won't you put hope in God today?

If you would like to talk with someone about the message or your relationship with God, feel free to contact Pastor Matt Fry or visit C3 Church.


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