Saturday, June 25, 2011

C3 Church TV - Coming January 2012

C3 Church service during Christmas 2007 (Photo credit: Josh Patterson)

On Saturday, Lee Chatham, Director of Production at C3 Church, and Scott Peck, Executive Producer for BMCFerrell, met with members of the Technical Arts Ministry Team to announce plans for "C3 Church TV."  The new television broadcast is scheduled to air January 2012, although no details were given on which network will pick up the show.

The purpose of the new television ministry, as explained by Peck, is to "tell the story of Christ, share the life-giving message, and get people into church." For C3, the new project, slated to begin Fall 2011, is in line with its vision, "real hope for real people in a real world."

BMCFerrell, the consulting firm on this project, is a media agency out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In June 2009, BMCFerrell worked with the Association of Related Churches (ARC) to help produce the All Access Conference, which was hosted at C3 Church.

To prepare for the project, the church will work closely with BMCFerrell to develop its media plan. Proposed changes include the acquisition of 5 high-definition digital cameras, 7-10 Fresnel lights, and a new stage design.

ARC All Access Conference 2009 (Photo: BMCFerrell)
The goal for the next six months is to maximize the technology and other existing resources to engage the viewer. "This means the production needs to be comparable to other shows on television," Scott explained.

In addition to new equipment, the church also needs help from staff and volunteers to "make the machine go."

Lee and Scott agreed that the television ministry will require more time and energy, but the benefits will outweigh the investment.

In response to the presentation, members of the Tech Team asked questions about training opportunities and changes to video content.

According to Scott Peck, the focus for the 30-minute show is the message delivered by Matt Fry, C3's Lead Pastor. Everything, from lights to set design, is arranged to deliver an engaging message that builds a lasting relationship with the audience. "What one sees on television is exactly what one experiences in person."

For volunteers seeking to serve on the C3 Tech Team (no matter the level of experience), training will be readily available, both through hands-on and printed material.

The long-term benefit of a televised ministry is the opportunity to reach people in a new way. Based upon previous projects, Scott explained that out of every 10 new people that comes to the church, 7 of those will have seen the broadcast first.

As a member of C3, and leader of the Light Team, I am extremely excited about the benefits of this new endeavor. Not only will volunteers learn the latest techniques used by media experts, but we also get to help others find the Lord Jesus and experience life that only he can give.

If you are interested in joining the Light Team, or any of the other areas in Technical Arts, please follow this link and complete the Ministry Team Sign-Up form.


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