Thursday, June 9, 2011

C3 Church Unveils New Online Community Using Elexio

In an email message sent to members on Wednesday, the leadership at C3 Church in Clayton, NC roll out a new online community using Elexio. At first glance, the service provides a number of features ranging from an online directory to scheduled giving. The email further details the offerings, which include:
  • My Info: A tool to update profile information about individuals and their family. Users can also post profile and family pictures.
  • My Groups: For those in a Connect Group, this section provides a list of names and contact information for members within the group. This feature makes it easy to update group participants on prayer requests and related announcements.
  • Ministries: Church members that serve on a ministry team will see a list of people who serve with them. Similar to "My Groups," users can easily see other members and make direct contact.
  • Member Directory: Pulling select information from "My Info," the directory is simply a place to list those members who wish to "opt-in" to the service. Making the profile available to others enables church members to virtually "meet" and "greet."
  • Events: This section lists events that members are invited to and past events attended. 
  • Giving: The giving feature offers a number of options. Not only can members can view past transactions, but individuals can also setup giving by way of one-time gift, recurring gift, giving to multiple funds, as well as through multiple debit/credit cards. 
Elexio, which powers the new community, is a company that offers both software and design services to churches in the United States as well as 27 other countries. Its mission is to "provide vital software and creative design for churches to help people know Jesus."

As a member of the church, I'm excited to see how this new community will promote further engagement both on and offline. In addition, I'm happy to see church leaders are open to new ideas, which just happens to involve the web. I guess I'm a little bias in this department.

At the time of this article, C3's web site did not provide a link to the new community. To login, visit this site and use the credentials provided in the email. Didn't receive an e-mail? Contact the knowledgeable staff at 919-934-3551.

So, what do you think about this new move? Do you think this will promote engagement? Increase online giving? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 


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