Monday, September 26, 2011

Google+ Lets You Share Your Circles With Friends

Owen Prater, an Engineer at Google+, just announced that users can begin sharing their circles with friends.

If you're interested in learning how, complete the following steps:
  • Visit your circles page
  • Select the circle you want to share
  • Select circles you wish to share the list with
  • Add a comment
  • Click the share button
The option to share circles was a highly requested feature, thus the recent launch. It is important to note that sharing circles captures only those members present at the time of sharing. Subsequent updating will not be viewable by others unless shared again.

Those individuals who open your shared circle may then subscribe to one or all of the people within. 

As one who recently introduced Google+ to their mother, it would be much easier to create a list of relatives in a circle and share the list with her. This would also be helpful for coworkers, interesting bloggers, and the like.

If you would like to see the update in action, check out the video below. 

Note: At the time of this article, I did not see the Share button. I imagine the feature is rolling out as we speak. 

After the break, let me know what you think about the new option in the comment section below. 

If you cannot see the video, click here.


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