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Liveblogging C3 Church: Love (Series Finale)

Pastor Matt Fry comes on stage and gives God the glory for 13 years of C3 Church. For God, 13 isn't unlucky. He says that at age 13, kids continue to develop into maturity.

Pastor continues to recall his 13th year. He talks about famous movies, songs, bands, and other memories from the year he moved into his teenage years.

Series: LOVE
This week, Pastor continues to talk about LOVE. He references 1 Corinthians 13:11-13 as the foundational scripture for his message. This weekend, Pastor will end the series.

Pastor asks the question, "Do you remember when..." started giving your first fruit (tithes), ...expressing yourself in worship, ...gave your life to the Lord, and ...started praying?

He says that he never understood why it's ok to get crazy at a sporting event, but it's not ok to lift your hands and worship God in church?

Pastor Matt tells story of when he started preaching his first sermon. Pastor talks about how he studied and prayed. Then, when he got on stage to preach, he gave everything he had. He preached about everything between Genesis to Revelation and then some. When he finished and sat down, he realized that he only talked for 12 minutes.

Matt switches gears and talks about Paul. When I was a child...and then I grew up. As Christians, we have to grow up. However, there are some who never get past the infant stage of Christianity.

Paul says that I grew up and then put away childish things. As you grow up, you tend to wise up. This is when you begin to see through the games of the Devil. However, do understand that growing up is not the final destination. It's a lifelong process. Growing up means that you work on your spiritual muscles.

We need to throw off our old selves. We need to be more like Jesus.

God wants to do new things in our lives. Matt asks, "Is your relationship with God fresh?" If not, know that God wants to make you a new creation.

James says that, "Faith without works is dead." In other words, if you have faith but you're not working it out then it's just empty talk.

God does not want us to be more religious. He wants us to be more like him.

Are you really a Christian? If you really know Christ then you have to live it out. Going to Church doesn't make you a Christian. If you love God and have a relationship with him, then you will have some of the fruit demonstrated in your life.

James continues to talk about Abraham and his faith. Abraham followed instructions to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. As we learn later, God stopped Abraham and saved the boys life. It was all about having faith.

When you live by Faith, it won't always make sense.

Faith will require us to give God what is valuable to us.

Faith always requires us to surrender our lives to God. We should be a living sacrifice. We should surrender 100% of ourselves. There is nothing we should hold back from God.

The biggest hindrance to faith is FEAR. The Devil wants you to be full of fear, but God doesn't give us the spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind.

People need hope. That's why Jesus came to Earth and gave his life.

Matt talks about his trip to Israel. He described what he saw and the reality of the Jesus story.

At C3, we want to give real HOPE, for real PEOPLE, in a real WORLD.

Jesus is our HOPE. He is not a way but THE way.

Who needs Jesus? Matt asks. EVERYONE, he responds.

The greatest of these is LOVE. Our commandment is to love GOD and love OTHERS.

Reaching out to love others (in a love revolution) is an every day thing.

Three things to be apart of the Love Revolution:
  1. Serving - churches and people should serve others. Jesus washed the feet, fed the hungry, and healed the sick.
  2. Bringing - we need to bring people to God's house. This means bring friends and neighbors to church. 
  3. Giving - It means giving our tithes, offering, and our lives. It's not about the money, he just wants our hearts.
Need A Fresh Start?
If you would like to make a fresh start in your life and receive God's love, pray this prayer:
Dear God, I realize I've sinned and I need you. Thank you for dying on the cross and rising from the grave. Come in to my heart and save me. Thank you for giving me eternal and abundant life. Help me to live for you, for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name. Amen.
To share your story, want more information about next steps, or just in need of prayer, please contact Pastor Matt Fry.


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