Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Live Blogging C3 Church: Being Real

Foundational Scripture - Romans 7:14-25

Pastor Matt Fry reads the foundational scripture and begins talking about Paul. Paul wants to do what is right and good, but he battles with himself. He continues to explain how transparent Paul was with this passage. Paul was real.

As Christians, we find that we can be real everyplace else but many are not real in their churches. Pastor Matt encourages us to be real. Additionally, we need to provide a place where others can come and find comfort.

Honesty leads to freedom.

There three things we need to be real with:
Get Real With GodGod already knows your heart. It's like many of us play games with God. He knows what you're going through and he cares.  
Like parents, we know what are kids are going through and we're just waiting for them to ask for help. 
We need to confess our sins to God and he is faithful to forgive us of our sins.
There is power in prayer. On Wednesdays and Sundays, we have stations where we can be honest with God. We have prayer leaders. 
Get Real with YourselfWe need to humble ourselves. We can start by looking in the mirror. When we look into the mirror, we see adjustments that need to be made.  
We need to allow God's word to get into us. When we deny ourselves (pride), we tend to fall.  
Get Real with Each OtherWe can't just keep things to ourselves. We need to remove our masks and just be real with one another. We have to be ourselves. 
When we take off the mask, the following 5 things happen.

  1. You don't have to live with condemnation.
  2. God will set you free.
  3. God will use you to impact others for Jesus.
  4. You will link arms together with a church family that brings hope to their community.
  5. You will shine the light of Jesus in practical ways.


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