Saturday, January 14, 2012

She Inspired Me To Journal Again

Moments ago, while eating a power breakfast of eggs and broccoli, I found an interesting post on LinkedIn. It was written by a woman named Natasha W. Veale, Ph.D. who wrote a journal that captured the dissertation process first hand. Fascinated by Natasha's success, I followed the story to her website.

After reviewing a few of her latest articles, I felt inspired. I thought to myself, writing a journal that outlines my progress should be easy enough. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how underutilized my blog has been lately. I mean, I have a place to write, but I'm not actively doing that. Why?

I guess the main reason that I stopped writing like the site was a journal was because I thought nobody would be interested in reading about my day-to-day adventures. As I understand it, blogs are supposed to be about things other than ourselves. However, as some have expressed in the past, the name of the site is Damond Nollan. So, I guess the topic is about me, right?

In any case, Natasha inspired me to rethink my strategy for With the help of labels, which is just another name for tags, I should be able to write (aka journal) like I did long before. I can go in-depth with my workouts, dieting efforts, dissertation process, and leadership travels. Oh, the opportunities are endless.

I'm not sure how well these types of articles will be received, but I can tell you that it's probably good for the soul. Everyone needs an outlet to express their achievements, challenges, and questions. For me, I choose to explore those areas with an audience. It started with The Labyrinth and I guess it's gonna happen again here.

Let's try it again and see how it goes.

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