Thursday, January 19, 2012

There Is Hope For My Dissertation

Something interesting happened yesterday. While trying to schedule a meeting for an upcoming web project, a faculty member in the School of Education asked me how I was doing with my dissertation. I told him that I was struggling through the second chapter, but making progress.

Dr. Osler, that's the faculty member's name, continued to ask probing questions. He asked me what the study was on, when I planned to finish, and what my motivation was. He seemed genuinely interested in my research.

The more he asked questions, the more excited I became.

Finally, he told me that he could help me finish the dissertation and that it would be as easy as....[he goes into a spiraling list of items that I simply glossed over]. However, to get started we should talk over lunch.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time for lunch, but a brief conversation would work. Yes?

The Talk
We both agreed to take 45-minutes and chat further. The meeting took place this afternoon.

Dr. Osler is a middle aged man with lots of experience under his belt. From the moment we met, he led our conversation through a series of questions. I wasn't sure how it would all end up, but I liked where it was going.

He talked about the history of African Americans, the city of Durham, and the importance of my study. He expressed a genuine interest in helping me and reading the final results.

I couldn't be more pleased.

Similar to our conversation the night before, his analysis left me feeling inspired. Listening to him talk, I believed that the process was navigable and within my reach.

It only took a few waves from his pen to outline my entire first step. Let me tell you, there is HOPE for me yet.

All in all, the meeting was a good one. I left his office energized and ready to tackle the work ahead.

Although, I do have a few questions. Can I add him to my committee? Does he have to be a faculty member at the University of Phoenix? I seriously hope not because he is the kind of guy I need on my team.

I'll find out more later. Until next time...


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