Saturday, June 16, 2012

Live Blogging World Ventures: Closing & Objections

Speaker: Jeff Bolf

This is making a difference in the numbers game.

The average person will not buy until they've been asked 3.2 times.

ABC's of Closing

  • Always
  • Be
  • Closing
  • Begin with the End in Mind
  • Listen

The Close

  • Transition to the close smoothly
  • Belief and thenthusiasm must be displayed
  • Don't oversell, ask for a decision, be quiet, and wait
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Ask for the money! 

Closing Questions

  • What did you like Best about what you just saw?
  • Are you ready to get started?
  • Do you have enough information to make a $365 decision?


  • Work the room to help guests get their questions answered
  • Be a testimonial but don't re-sell or re-present
  • Be a good listener
  • Edify enroller and paint a picture of success

Handling Objections

  • Objections do not mean NO!
  • Your posture closes people
  • What is your response/reaction to objections
  • Acknowledge
    • No money, no time!
    • I can appreciate that
    • Feel, felt, found
    • That's exactly why! (The objection IS the answer)


Jeff often starts a conversation with "I'm the Director of expansion of the only V.I.P. Invitation Only Travel Club"

If people are in the same town, Jeff likes to meet in person. 

If doing a long distance showing, show just the video. Use third-party call that is scheduled (block the time with 3rd party validation). Even for strong closers, a third party validation is still good. Use it as a welcome.


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