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World Ventures Regional Training: Brian Dunivaint

How I Got Here

Brian grew in Lorano, Texas. He is Hispanic and grew up in a neighborhood that made about $19,000 per year. His high school was listed as one of the most dangerous places to attend school.

Thanks to a college scholarship, he was able to attend University of Texas. Had it not been for that, he wouldn't be here today.

Brian talks about his first job as a docking laborer. His second job was at a gas station where he stocked beer in the freezer. The third job was as a security officer.

At 18, he got into sales. During that first summer, he made $18,000. After that first year, he started making a six figure salary and opened a number of new offices. Brian believes that he paid his dues with this company.

His very first day with WorldVentures, he signed up 8 people. Back in the day, reps had to sign up 6 in order to get the membership for free. The first six people he showed it to, they said, "No!"

Do you realize that many people find failure like most of us and quit. He says that he was too dumb to quit.

Brian's first 8 people he signed up were average people. The first person was his mother, who lived in a trailer park. His mom was average. 

His second recruit was his younger sister, who just had a baby and lived in the same trailer park. His third person was his Aunt Lee, who was a receptionist at an optimitrist office. JC was his fourth, followed by Sergio, Ambrosio (school teacher), Aliza (cellphone sales person), and Jaime (child protection services). 

Brian explains that he made around 40 telephone calls on that first day. That resulted in those 8 people. He continues to say that there are some people who never answered the phone.

In his first month, he sponsored 19 personals. He probably called around 60 people at this point. 

With 19 people, very few ever made a sale. Only a few more even got their 4. So, his point is that you are not alone.

If you just call people faster, than you can get the same people sooner. If they are going to say, "Yes" they are going to say "Yes" anyway. Instead of going slow, make all those calls in the next few days.

Even before he cycled, he was taking 3-way calls. Was he an expert? No, he was just "doing it." 

Your leaders are not going to do this business for you. YOU have to get out there and do the work. No good leader would do it because you would never learn. 

During his first official launch, he was practically reading the presentation off the screen. Everyone sucks in the beginning. 

Brian talks about JC and Jaime, who signed up Rene and Franco, respectively. He calls them his "running buddies." Your running buddies are those who came with you today (this training). 

 In 90 days, Brian built his team up to 350 people. He didn't have any professionals on his team, he just had people who were passionate about being here.

In 10 months, he was able to earn more money than what he was making at his day job.

Brian become the company trainer in 14 months, RMD/Car bonus in 18 months, and went on 37 vacations to date.

Making A Living...Living! 

If the business is about making a, why are people stressing? This business is about having fun. If you're not having fun, than you are doing it wrong. People who are doing it right, you can't tell if they are working or playing. 

Fun, Freedom, and Fulfillment

These three words are the core of our business. 

If you cannot believe more in your people than they do themselves, than you won't have a life of fulfillment. All of the successful people talk highly of their people. Our jobs are to encourage and build up our team.

The 40/40/40 plan is not freedom.

Even when he was only making $3,000 per month, Brian took vacations. Thanks to the travel dollars, and other business benefits, he was working less and living more.

Brian talks about how he approaches his prospects. He thinks far beyond this moment. He thinks about the prospect taking trips, having fun, and making money. If you are only thinking about getting someone on your team, than you are doing it wrong. Think bigger than that.

Get Excited

The definition of a sale is to transfer your excitement onto someone else. You have to get WILDLY EXCITED about the deal. You have to have passion. 

Some say that I will be excited when I get the car, bonuses, and the like, but Brian says that if you think like that, than you will never see those things. You have to "Act as If." 

Act As If...

To start the process of "Act as If," you have to start talking like those who are doing it well. Start listening to successful people. Buy CD's and other tools. Listen to them often.


The only thing we have to do in the beginning is learn how to invite. If you just master the invite, than you can start making a whole lot of money. 

Listen to the 4-Step Invite by Dave Watson. The video is online. Tell your people to watch it and practice it.

Be Yourself

When inviting people, just be yourself. You were better at WorldVentures before you got in than when you got into WorldVentures. You could easily get folks to go out to lunch, dinner, or whatever. Just keep it simple.

The phone call is to simply create the appointment. 


This word is one of the most important points in showing the business. Urgency means doing stuff fast. Do it now!

"I'm coming over" is a very powerful phrase to get folks to see the video. 

Schedule Phone Time

Schedule at least one day each week where you can invite people to events. Many people want to invite people, but don't make time. Put it on your calendar and stick to it. This is not a job, but treat this business like a business. 

In the last two months, Brian has taken 6 vacations. In the beginning, he treated his business like a business. 

The Life Of Your Dreams

If you make a list of all your people, than the life of your dreams is at the end of that list. From his 19 personals, he built a huge team. So, get through your list and start building the team. 

In this life, you won't get what you want or deserve, but what you BELIEVE you can have.


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