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WorldVentures Regional Training: Getting The Application

Speaker: Scott Ross

There is no testimony without the test. At age 16, Scott's father tried to kill him. He has learned how to leave the past behind him. Turn the page. It's not the start of the book that matters, but how the story ends. Take 100% responsibility for where you are.

Three-Step Set-Up

While it may sound easy, you will need to practice this. Get in front of a friend and practice. Do it at least 15 times.

Step 1: Why
When you talk about your WHY, you need to show vulnerability. The more you expose that, the more powerful this will be for you. For men, we have egos. For women, this should be easy. 

Example: "You know me as the guy who is doing very well in his job, but I'm dying right now. I feel stuck where I am, but something just dropped in my lap." Be as real as you can be and tell your story. 

This story helps to set up the problem. People want to know how the story ends.

Step 2: Big Deal /All In
Transition phrase: "I've been praying" or "I've been searching" ...and I just FOUND it. 

Example: "I've just ran into some very successful people and they just showed me a very BIG DEAL. I've just made a decision and I'm going all in. This is my shot and I'm not missing it"

Step 3: Don't Care
"I don't know how this will strike you. You may love it or may not get it right away. Either way, it doesn't matter at all. All I know is, I'm going to put this in front of thousands of people and I wanted to give you a chance to see it first. Would that be cool?"

This step creates your posture. If someone starts to get negative, you can say simply say if you don't want to do this...that's ok!

4 Tips To Getting The App

  1. Have an application and a pen! 
  2. When the presentation is over say, "That's so awesome, isn't it?... You're in?!" (Excited with high fives)
  3. Hand the guest the app and pen
  4. EXPECT the application will be filled out  (pre-fill out everything you know about them)
Remember: How you do anything is how you do everything.

After the presentation, you have to have this mentality...what time is it??? App Time!!!! Cut out the chit chat and get right to the application.

Everybody is recruitable, but never say...

What do you think?
We make decisions emotionally and justify logically. When you ask them what they think, it puts them into the left side of their brain (logical). They cannot buy. Keep them on the emotional side of the brain.

Do you understand it?
Do you have any questions?

Never bring up anything! Why? Because it's APP TIME!!!!

Men and women are designed differently. Woman are more social creatures than men. Woman will start talking while the person starts filling out the form. Woman will stop filling out the app to look at you. Don't say anything.

Be laser focused on getting the application filled out. Resist the temptation to discuss how great everything is going to be until AFTER the application is complete.


When you get an objection (I don't have time or money. This is a pyramid. I have to talk to my spouse. I don't travel.)... you smile and nod your head. Don't argue with them. Instead, ask this question, I totally get it (nodding your head) "...but what was most exciting to you? The travel or the money?" You can use this for just about every objection. 

Remember: Every word YOU say is one step closer to them walking out. Every word THEY say is one step closer to them filling out the application.

It doesn't matter what they say: Travel or money. Whatever they say, you then say, "Cool, me too!" If they like to travel, ask them where they would like to travel. When they answer, agree with them and ask them for another location they'd like to travel. "Where would your wife like to go?" After you get a few places listed, tell them, "We have DreamTrips for should give it a try." (Push the app back at them)

If they say that they like the money, ask them what they would do with the money.  Try to pull out the more emotional reasons for the money. "What would you do if money was no option?" "What would your wife want to do with the money?" Once you get an answer, say this, "Man, we have a program that can help you make $12,000 in 90 days. You can earn a car....etc." (Push the app back at them).

What tends to happen when you forward the application is that they will study the paper. During this time, you will feel tempted to talk. DON'T...let them study the application. If you start sitting there long enough, they will start filling out the application.


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