Friday, October 18, 2013

Find Out Which of Your Neighbors Are Giving Halloween Candy With Nextdoor's Treat Map

Nextdoor, the private network for your neighborhood, just announced a Halloween Treat Map that provides an "insider's guide to the best streets for treats in your neighborhood."

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Members sign into Nextdoor

For those who are currently members, it's as simple as signing into your Nextdoor neighborhood. If you don't yet have an account, visit and create one.

Step 2: View your neighborhood map

Once you've signed in, click on Map to view your neighborhood map. At this point, you should see your plot of land with a box asking, "Are you giving out treats for Halloween?"

Step 3: Select Yes or No

Once you've decided on whether you're going to give candy or not, click on the Save button. If you select "Yes," then a candy corn icon will hover over your house on the map.

Why Is This A Great Idea?

Easy To Use

I am actually very excited about this option. For one, it's something that our neighborhood can immediately put to use.

Encourage Interaction Between Neighbors

While my neighborhood is pretty technology savvy, we often need a reminder to interact and have fun together. While Nextdoor already provides a ton of neat features, like: A safe way to communicate with just your neighbors, a neighborhood directory, map, classified ads, photo gallary, document library, and a message wall, this will surely invite a little more engagement online. 

Your Kids Will Thank You 

I was always taught that if the house light is on then it's fair game for treats. Wouldn't it be nice to pre-plan your evening so you spend less time walking or driving and more time collecting the loot? With this feature you can.

Mobile Friendly 

Not only can you pre-plan your trick or treat activities, you can take the map with you via the mobile app for iOS and Android.

Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoy the upgrade as much as I will. If you need help setting up your Nextdoor neighborhood, let me know.


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