Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Newbies In Paradise

Let me introduce you to Ms. Julie Hirschy and Mr. Kay Dupri. This was their first time visiting South Beach Miami, riding on a cruise ship, and visiting the Bahamas. It was clearly a trip of firsts for them.

What I enjoyed most about this getaway, outside of the relaxation and sun tan (hey, I needed it), was experiencing this vacation through their eyes. I got so much enjoyment watching their faces light up and beam with excitement. To top it all off, I was able to bring 5 newbies on this trip. Talk about making memories, we did that.

Today, as I reflect on our time together, each one of their lives has been touched. They faced their fears, opened their horizons, and solidified a plethora of new lifelong friendships. That brings me so much fulfillment knowing that I'm helping someone else improve their life in some way. We may never know the ripple effects that come from these types of experiences. Amazing!

"A day isn't wasted if a memory is created." It's time to start living. Let's get it!

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