Friday, January 30, 2015

Celebrating Success: Mr. Kanem Dupree

Happy Friday, ya'll!

Can I share something with you? I woke up this morning totally excited. See, I knew what was coming and it felt an awful lot like Christmas morning as a kid. Remember that feeling? (Laughing)

Let me take a moment just to publicly celebrate with my friend, Kay Dupri. Taking you back for a moment, it was about 9 months ago that Mr. Dupri and I sat outside the Smithfield Outlet Mall talking about success, helping people, and locking arms to make something magical happen in the Goldsboro/Smithfield area.

Do understand, we don't intend to limit that success to just Wayne and Johnston Counties, we understood that if we can help develop leaders and show them how to improve their lives through goal setting and vision casting, we could do it anywhere.

Today, Kanem has reached a level of development and success that deserves recognition. He has made me so proud. See, he was willing to partner with me on something long before it had seriously taken root. He believed in me and was willing to go through the struggles and challenges to make our dreams come true.

No, we haven't reached our ultimate goal, YET (laughing), but we have made some significant strides in the right direction. Today, he is the beneficiary of hard work, late nights, and long phone calls with me (that's work in of itself). (Laughing).

Kay, my "Running Partner", my "Road Dog", my "Ace"...I am so proud of you and who you are becoming. Thank YOU for rocking with me, encouraging me, and inspiring me to be better each and every day. This is just the beginning for you and I'm totally excited to see what your future holds.

Let's get it my Ninja!


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