Monday, January 26, 2015

The Next 80 Day Sprint Begins Today!

Today is my first day back after a WONDERFUL weekend celebrating successes. Yes, there will be more pictures telling the story of my time in Louisville, KY, but today marks day ONE of my next sprint. Therefore, I'm going to jump ahead to the end and just get things going.

Last year, I learned the value of setting goals and just going all out for a period of time. Well, having completed a successful sprint, it is now time to set some new goals for the next 80 days. That's how many days I have left until the next big event in Kansas City.

So, by April 17, 2015, I will have achieved the following:

1) 6% Bodyfat as a result of the 12 week body transformation.
2) Moved from Senior Rep to Director in my company.
3) Completed Chapters 1-3 of Dissertation.

To do that, I am just going to go all in for the next 80 days. No television, no movies, and nothing extra that doesn't move me forward in these three areas.

It starts today and you are my accountability partner during this process. It means that you'll see a ton of repetitive posts, pictures, and updates while I'm on this journey. Is that ok? Are you with me? Ready to get started?

Here we go...


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