Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hanging With the Owners of the Brown Bag Cafe

On Monday night, I met with the owners of the Brown Bag Cafe in Goldsboro, NC.

We were first introduced about a week ago and they loved the message that we brought. They enjoyed it so much that they asked us to visit their restaurant and speak again.

One thing I value about the entrepreneur mind is the ability to remain open to ideas and opportunities.

Ask yourself this question, who are you hanging around right now? Are they going in the same direction as you? Are they pouring life into you? Do you feel encouraged when you're around them? 

Are they helping you achieve your goals? If so, keep them around. If not, it's time to find some new  friends.

Each night, I have the distinct pleasure to meet some GREAT people. Tonight and tomorrow, while I'm in Raleigh, I suspect it will be the same.

If you're in the area, let's meet up and I'll introduce you to a couple people that keep me motivated and inspired.

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