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The Single White Envelope

The Single White Envelope

A single white envelope lay dormant in the mailbox. From the outside, I don’t recall there being any indication of what I might find within its sealed shell. Like the many days before it, I put my hand inside the aging green container, collected the gift left behind by the dutiful mail carrier, and forcibly closed the rusty-hinged door with the sound of scraping metal that was followed by a loud snap.

Having arrived home only moments earlier, my mind was racing through a checklist of tasks that I had to perform that evening. As I walk up the driveway toward the house, I stop at the car to pick up the laptop, lunch bag, and any other remnants that I may have accumulated that day.

Once inside the house, I dropped everything down on the kitchen table and proceeded to remove my shoes. Currently, I have a no shoes on the carpet policy, which was implemented to save the last few clean fibers from being trampled upon by the outside world. Yes, there are dark trails and heavy stains all over the floor, but it’s never too late to maintain what you have.

After putting my shoes away, I came back to the table and proceeded to open the letter. I started by tearing away at the corner and forcing my index finger into the newly made hole. Aggressively, I ran my finger down the envelope, which created a long tear in the sealed flap. If I was more refined, maybe I would have used a fancy letter opener, but this correspondence looked more like junk mail than anything of importance.

Mindlessly, I ripped out the paper from its securely sealed cocoon and unfolded it one layer at a time. It took me a few moments before the contents fully registered. “Wait, I think this letter is serious.” I thought.

Instead of simply skimming the words for context, I went back to the top and read every word. At first, it didn’t make sense. What was the author trying to say? Was this thing really intended for me? Again, I read the letter in its entirety only to come to the same conclusion. This thing has to be wrong. Is this a joke? I asked myself.

Unable to take further action that night, I put the communication back in its envelope and made a mental note to call the telephone number located near the top of the page when I get in the office the following day.

Fast forward through the details of the call, I found out the next afternoon that I was the intended recipient of the letter and the contents did, in fact, affect me directly. In that moment, I could feel my heart racing. My skin warmed intensively and I could feel my pores open with perspiration. What now? I thought in a panic.

I looked around the empty office space in search of an answer. My eyes shifted left to right as the ideas traveled from one part of my brain to the other. “Think, think, think...” Taken from the pages of Jimmy Neutron, I pleaded in silence.

Then it hit me, “...Brain Blast!”

Over the next hour, I reached out passionately to my network of key supporters and friends. I shared the situation with them in honest detail hoping to get some movement in resolving the issue. While the answer to this riddle would require more time and energy than could be mustered in this single day, I found comfort in knowing that I wasn’t alone. To hear that there are those who were willing and able to help make all the difference in the world.

In the following weeks since I first received the letter, I have been blessed to find that I am in good hands. The individuals who are now involved have taken a stand to aid me during an experience that could have easily make anyone extremely uncomfortable. There have been no talks of compensation or a transaction of any kind. All I have received from them is full support, in earnest.

It is in this very moment, as I write these words, that I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to have a circle of friends, business partners, co-workers, frat brothers, family members, and even associates that have my best interest at heart. Be it through prayer, financial, physical, and even moral support, I know that I am surrounded by some really amazing people who care about me and my well being. Honestly, I don’t know if I could ever begin to repay them for what they’ve done and continue to do for me. Please know that I am indebted to them and will do whatever I can to pour the same “goodness” I feel back into their lives. While words will never fully express my genuine and heartfelt gratitude, let me at least begin by writing a huge “THANK YOU!”

As I take a moment to reflect on this experience, let me share with you some thoughts.

Get Some Good People In Your Life

I cannot stress how important this truth has been for me. It is in moments like this where I am at the end of my own ability and resources, that God sends a blessing through someone else. Knowing this, take this opportunity to surround yourself with generous, loving, supportive, and positive people who consistently pours life into you through their words and actions.

Trust In The Lord For Everything

The year 2017 is only one example of how amazing God is and how mysteriously he works. While filled with challenges and opportunities for growth, there is no way that I could ever have conducted the intricately intertwining characters, events, and an overarching storyline that God is writing as we speak. I don’t know how the story ends, but I do know that He has it all under control. When in doubt, trust and believe that the Lord is working it out for our good.

Be Patient

The situation that I’m generically describing is but one piece of a larger story. Unlike a television sitcom, life doesn’t always wrap up so neatly within a 30-minute timeslot. No, sometimes the resolution takes much longer than anyone could anticipate or even fathom. Whatever life looks like for you now, learn to be patient with certain things. Remember what do they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Be Thankful For Whatever The Outcome

This idea for consideration may not be an easy one to swallow. Trust me when I tell you that this past year delivered some crushing blows to the midsection. There were times that I cried out in pain, confusion, and angst against the numerous fiery arrows being shot in my direction. “Why?” was a common question that I asked both silently and aloud. Regardless of the outcome, I have learned to thank God for it all. Be it “good” or “bad,” the events serve a much larger purpose and I’m thankful that I could live through and learn from those experiences. 

As I bring today’s article to a close, I hope that you got something of value from it. Please feel free to share this lesson with someone who you think could benefit from it and drop me a line in the comment section below.

Remember, today is a new day with an opportunity to turn it all around. Keep your head up because you were destined for greatness.

Until next time...


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