Thursday, November 1, 2018


Recently, I found myself feeling angry. As a result of this strong emotion, I ended up raising my voice and communicating displeasure in a way that was outside of my normal range. First, I don't enjoy being upset. Second, I don't like the environment anger creates. No, I was not acting at my best.

Given the time and space to reflect on my reaction, I realize now that I held a series of expectations for how things should be. I have a natural tendency to seek control over situations and outcomes, which can come off as controlling.

In a world where we all have free will, the most that I can hope for is the power to control myself, my emotions, and ultimately my actions. When faced with a situation that doesn't agree with me or my beliefs, I have the power to determine my response. I have power, control, and influence over ME alone.

So, the next time I begin to feel angry, frustrated, or powerless, I plan to pause, examine the situation, and decide how I will respond knowing that I have the POWER to control MY next move.

Make today a very great day!


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