Thursday, April 30, 2015

How Old Do I Look?

How old do you look? Microsoft demonstrates a site that guesses your age and gender by scanning an image. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. It says I look 3 years younger. Cool, I accept that! (Laughing)

Try it here - and then post your results below.

Android Intro With Matt Parker

It is WELL past my time to start developing for mobile. Today, I enter the game with a FREE Android training over on My instructor is the one and only Matt Parker.  

Take time to grow and develop yourself each day. Ready? Let's go...

#appDev #mobile #personalDevelopment

This Is My View

This is the view I see each morning while making a living. This is also the view I see each night after aggressively chasing my dreams. Both require effort, involve personal passions, and are helping to change people's lives.

Me? I am just thankful that I get to see this view each day for I know where it goes and the impact it's helping to create.

The cost between where you are and where you want to be is gas.

#effortIsTheNewCurrency #dreamChaser #lonelyHighway #myView #burnItUp  

The Best Revenge

"The best revenge is massive success." ~ Frank Sinatra

Whatever it is that you've decided to do, be it working out, eating right, building a business, going back to school, or following a personal dream of yours, there will be people who will not support you or agree with you. They may call you crazy or provide a thousand reasons why YOU cannot, or should not, pursue it.

When you feel as if you have no support, no fans to cheer you on, or the world seems to be against you, go put in massive amounts of effort and  build a successful lifestyle that shows them (the naysayers) that you can (and did). 

You are a CHAMPION!

Forward vs. Backward

"If you're not pressing forward, you're falling backwards."

Every decision that you make will either move you closer or further away from your goal. Consider what you eat, read, watch, lift, and even those whom you associate it helping you or hurting you?

I find that many of us make progress by doing the right things; however, we then lose our momentum or hard earned gains by doing something that nullifies our effort. We then try to go EXTRA hard to make up for our losses. When this happens, just STOP and remind yourself that an effort compounded over time can lead to huge gains or huge losses.

Right now, make a decision to keep doing the right things and then remove any behavior, thought, or influence that causes you to go backwards. We call this the slight edge.

Let's go make today a great day, Champions!

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