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Firstleaf Wine Club Review

A few weeks ago, while doing some online window shopping, I came across this wine deal that looked too good to be true. While I don't recall the exact details, I believe it was 12 bottles of wine for $70. Great price but how good are they? I asked myself. 

Going beyond the initial advertisement, I soon realized that the vendor was offering an introductory wine package as a way to entice visitors to join their wine club. I was intrigued by the idea, but how many other wine clubs are out there? I couldn't, in good faith, join the first club I saw without having a clear idea of what my options were. How does this club stand up against the others? Thus began my search. 

Over the next few hours, I looked for resources that would help me find the most popular and highly vetted clubs out there. I began comparing and contrasting the strengths and weaknesses of each option. How much does it cost? What do you get? What is the value and quality of these wines over those found elsewhere? What did other members and past customers have to say?

In the end, I was able to whittle down the list of choices to a select few. At this point, the similarities and differences were so minute that any of the options I had were probably going to be safe ones. So, when it came time to decide, we ended up selecting Firstleaf.

Why Did You Choose Firstleaf? 

Firstleaf, which is headquartered in Healdsburg, CA, was listed highly amongst its competitors. Based on the various articles that I found, it was often referred to as a popular choice for wine enthusiasts. That sounds like us!

Beyond the public recognition, most of the customer reviews were also positive. Of course, like anything else, there was the occasional negative experience shared by only a handful of people. When compared to other wine clubs, there were those that were popular but had an overwhelming number of negative reviews, which made it easier to scratch them off the list. 

Once on the site, we were presented with a short quiz that would help connect us with wines that we might enjoy. Based on the results of our initial submission, I think Firstleaf did a good job of identifying the types of wines that we currently drink while opening the door for others to try.

Beyond the personalized selections, I found the introductory offer to be just the right price for someone looking to try new things without the risk of throwing all of their money away. For us, we got 6 wines for $39 (plus tax). In total, we paid around $42.   

How Does It Work?

Once you complete the quiz and review your curated selection of wines, you will enter your mailing address and payment information. Additionally, you'll have the option to update your wine preferences which include your mix of red versus white, region (USA and imported), frequency (1, 2, or 3 months), and a couple of other options.

With the introductory offer, you will receive your first box of 6 wines within a couple of days. From then on, you will get another customized box of wines according to your preferred frequency rate. Do understand that you can change your preferences at any time.

Our Experience

After exploring the Firstleaf website and completing the quiz, we decided to take the introductory offer. We completed our order on June 25 and the shipment safely arrived on July 1. Tracking was made available through the UPS website with the occasional email update from Firstleaf. Overall, it was an easy process.    

When the package arrived, it came in a medium-sized brown box with a blue "Firstleaf" logo stamped on the side. I don't recall the exact weight of the box, but it was lighter than I anticipated. 

While opening the package, we were excited to see how the company would present its product. Inside the box, there was a similar blue color design along with a "Thanks!" message stamped on one of the four flaps. 

In the middle, there was a welcome letter and an envelope filled with detailed information cards that described each of the wines. The same information can also be found on the Firstleaf website. 

Under the envelope and letter, we found six warm bottles of wines cradled in what felt like recycled egg cartons. The temperature in the box understandably matched the North Carolinian summer temperature you would find outside. I imagine the delivery truck and warehouse are not much cooler during this time of year. Nevertheless, everything arrived securely and as expected. 

Within moments of receiving and opening our highly anticipated gift, we read through each of the information cards and settled on the 2012 Broken Earth Petit Verdot. Without going into a full review of this specific wine, which I think we will do later, I can say that I was extremely pleased with this selection. Additionally, if this first bottle is any indication of what we can expect from the rest of our curated wines, then we are going to be extremely happy with our decision to join the Firstleaf wine club.

At this point, we still have five more bottles to consume, but based upon our varied selection of wines and initial experience with Firstleaf, we have decided to reserve our next shipment of six wines that are now scheduled to arrive at the end of July. Unlike our first shipment, where we received all Californian wines, we changed our preference for the next order to include all imports. 

As young wine enthusiasts who enjoy exploring new tastes from varied regions and wineries, joining the Firstleaf wine club made sense for us. At $90 for six bottles, we are ultimately paying about $15 per bottle regardless of its retail value, many of which sell for more than $20. Beyond the price savings, we enjoy the idea of finding new wines that match our unique tastes. I don't know about you, but we've exhausted the limited number of wines found at our local grocery store and see this club as an opportunity to bring award-winning wines to our doorstep.

If you are interested in giving Firstleaf a try, consider taking advantage of our referral code and get 3 free wines on us (you just pay for shipping and tax). 

In closing, I hope this overview of the Firstleaf wine club was helpful. Should you have any specific questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. 

If you're interested in reading more about the wines we've received from Firstleaf, please let us know. We've played around with the idea of reviewing a few of the wines, so if we get enough interest from you, our readers, then we may make that happen in the very near future. 

As I prepare to end this particular article, I want to personally say "Thank you" for reading and I hope to see you back this way again soon! Until next time... 


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