Friday, July 3, 2009

Let Me (Re)Introduce Myself

My name is Damond Nollan and I am thirty-four years old. I currently live in Smithfield, North Carolina but I’m not from the Tar Heel state. No, I was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Tacoma, Washington. By day, I am the Web Services Manager for North Carolina Central University and by night, I am a doctoral student of business at the University of Phoenix. I am the father of three beautiful children ages 10, 3, and 1.

The Labyrinth
Years ago, I used to write an online journal. We, along with family and friends, called the site, “The Labyrinth.” The site began after a conversation with my sister LaShawn. Let me tell you, LaShawn can tell a wonderful story and she had so many to tell. I recall asking her if she would be open to sharing those stories online. I’m not sure if it was an immediate “yes” or a more casual response, but in the end she supported the idea. Over the years, we added writers that brought a variety of flavors and creativity. Thinking back, I thought it was a wonderful experience. As with most things, the Labyrinth ended. I believe we had grown tired of living our lives so openly and with the number of readers we had, nothing remained secret.

Today, I return to the stage a little wiser. I recognize now that some things are better left unwritten or within the privacy of my own company. However, there is still much I would like to share as it pertains to life as a student, father, Kappa, and leader. For as much as I share on Twitter, Friendfeed, and Facebook, sometimes I just need a place where I can go to expand on ideas. As it stands now, this is that place. Yeah, it’s not very colorful or flashy, but its home. I encourage you to add this blog into your RSS Reader and join me on this journey we call life.

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