Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Write Before You Speak

As a child, I remember hearing adults tell us to think before we speak. This was their way of preparing us for the future. They learned through personal experiences that children often say inappropriate things at the most inopportune times. Even as adults, we may still allow things to escape our lips. Depending upon our emotional state, it may not come out exactly as planned.

Writing is not only a therapeutic remedy for stress or a creative outlet, but it also provides the brain a chance to develop ones stance on current issues. Think about it, have you ever been at work, or home, and felt compelled to speak and then realized afterward that it was not a good idea? Well, next time, try writing it out first.

I know, this is not a cure for cancer, but it is a way to fine tune your thoughts before anyone actually hears it. Why does that matter? Quite simply, once you say something you can never get it back. So, it becomes even more important to choose our words wisely.

Blogging is quickly becoming a place where I can spend my energy perfecting and exploring my thoughts before they actually become words. The advantage then becomes a more polished colloquial. For you, it may be a journal, poem, or song, but wherever it is, give writing a try before you share it with the world.

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