Friday, September 11, 2009

Facebook Goes Lite But It Feels Like Friendfeed

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I just finished reviewing Facebook Lite. If you have not yet heard, the company released a simplified beta version to accommodate users that do not have the bandwidth to use the original powerhouse. Based upon my initial observation, the site seems to load faster and without a lot of extra distractions, which is a plus.

After a few minutes of exploration, I got the feeling I had seen this layout before, but where? Rob Diana's entry entitled, "Facebook Lite Is Why They Bought Friendfeed," provided the answer.

Overall, I like the new design and plan to continue using it with high hopes for more functionality. As of now, I would like to see the feed automatically refresh and reorganize itself based upon activity. If someone were to comment on a feed, it would find its way back to the top of the list without any intervention from me. Many of us have seen this feature on Friendfeed. With the acquisition of Friendfeed and the subsequent launch of Tornado, I think this feature should be arriving soon. Well, I at least hope so.

What is your first impression of Facebook Lite? What other features would you like to see in place?

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