Saturday, December 26, 2009

Get More Feedback From Your Readers With Get Satisfaction

Out of no where, it dawned on me that I could use Get Satisfaction on I don't remember what I was doing or reading when the idea hit me, but I think it is an excellent way to keep in touch with my readers. In fact, we at North Carolina Central University have been using the service for over a year.

What Is Get Satisfaction?
In a nutshell, Get Satisfaction is a tool to receive feedback from your customers and readers. Through the use of a widget (see the orange and white feedback button on the right hand side), users can easily click the feedback button and provide ideas, ask questions, offer praise, or report a problem.

For Bloggers
As a blogger, I need a place where users can go to offer feedback without tying it directly to a blog entry. My hope is that readers will ask questions or offer ideas that will help me build a better site. Before today, there was not a designated place, so I hope this tool will help.

Get Satisfaction and Twitter
A cool feature within Get Satisfaction is the "Overheard" section. As an administrator, you can follow a hashtag on Twitter, say your company for example, and respond via Get Satisfaction. What the application will do is create a post, which you can then answer or address from within your dashboard. Upon completing a response within Get Satisfaction, the system will tweet a message to the user telling them about the new post.

The few times I used "Overheard", I found the Twitter message to be quite professional and inviting. It can serve as a great customer service tool.

Closing Notes
How much does it cost?
If you know me at all, you must know that I am frugal and often look for free solutions, where applicable. Fortunately, Get Satisfaction does provide a free plan with limited functionality. If you find that the product serves you well, there are paid plans that range from $19 on up to $900 per month.

Is the widget easy to install?
Yes. For me, it only took a matter of minutes to copy and paste the code into my template. Much of the work is done from within the Get Satisfaction web site. Essentially, you will need to customize the community to include products, services, employees, logos, and descriptions.

Give it a try!
The best way to understand what the feedback tool can do is to simply give it a try. So, take this opportunity to click on the feedback button or follow this link to my Get Satisfaction community. Once your there, feel free to offer some suggestions on topics or ways to make a better place. If you have questions about technology, social media, parenting, higher education, management, or healthy living, go ahead and ask. I will make sure to read every response given and offer help where I can.

For those with a blog or web site, what feedback solutions do you currently use? How effective has it been thus far? What changes would you make? Let's discuss these questions and others in the comment section below.

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