Thursday, December 10, 2009

Use Lazyfeed's Treadmill to Follow Multiple Topics In Real-Time

If you like following Twitter in Tweetdeck, Seesmic, PeopleBrowsr, HootSuite, or any other similar application, that you will love the latest update to Lazyfeed. Earlier this year, I wrote about a pretty cool web-based tool that allows you to follow keywords in real-time. Unlike the RSS reader (Google Reader, for example), Lazyfeed makes it easy to follow stories on topics you find interesting.

This small difference between an RSS reader and Lazyfeed means I can read exactly what I want to read at the speed of now. Pretty cool, huh?

To make things even more exciting, I can follow multiple topics from within the same page. This functionality is what makes Tweetdeck (and others) so useful. I can simply view a single window and watch the latest updates flow across my screen. That should explain the name Lazyfeed for those who were wondering.

What's New?
I'm glad you asked. Recently, Lazyfeed rolled out a new feature. It's called the "treadmill." Essentially, it takes being lazy to the tenth degree.

For those individuals with Friendfeed experience, Lazyfeed's treadmill feature works similar to Friendfeed's news feed. Any new posts in Friendfeed will populate the news feed running down the page. Older stories move automatically down the screen, giving way to newer posts. In addition, older stories with updates (say, comments) will jump back to the top. This is one of my favorite features in Friendfeed and something I wish Facebook would implement.

Therefore, Lazyfeed uses the treadmill feature to move new updates back to the top of the screen, which makes it easier for you to stay up-to-date.

If you haven't given Lazyfeed a try, I would recommend you stop by today. By adding a few favorite topics, you can sit back and allow information to come to you.

One other cool addition is a recommendation tool. Every so often, most likely based on your activity, Lazyfeed asks you if you are interested in other topics. By acknowledging the topic, it automatically adds the term to your list.

Overall, Lazyfeed is worth a peek. I'm not sure if I will sit idly by and watch the screen for long, but assuming I run out of things in my Google Reader, I definitely have options.

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