Friday, November 26, 2010

Bloggers Are Not Writing In A Bubble

This morning, while reviewing my daily RSS feeds, I noticed a number of blog posts talking about reader criticisms. Apparently, Chris Brogan reacted to reader opinions in a way that some disliked. As a result, Danny Brown, for one, wrote a response on his blog. Days later, Chris created the following post. Then, Danny Brown seemed to end the blogging discussion with this post. All this talk back and forth between bloggers got me thinking. Bloggers are not writing in a bubble.

While this revelation is nowhere near ground breaking, it does offer something to think about. Often, while sitting at my desk, I find myself pulling blog topics from the far corners of my mind. Topics may have no relationship to the previous day's entry or events. In some way, I feel like a blogger that both reads and writes alone on an island.

After this brief exchange between Chris and Danny, I am reminded that we (that's you and me) are not alone. We may write blogs alone, but we are a part of the larger blogosphere. We read other people's work and often comment on them with friends over lunch. The difference is that I now recognize how responding or reflecting on their work in my space adds depth and promotes community.

The idea of adding depth to my current blog is exciting. Not only can I write about the news of the day, but I can actually use the opportunity to explore my own thoughts on the subject. It means more variety to the stories coming out of

Community is the other benefit. By responding, or reflecting, on others work, I build a bridge that connects us together. Instead of writing disjointed and unrelated ideas into a string of blogs, I get to write something that unites and builds on the ideas of others. Isn't that exciting?

Maybe it's just me, but as I mature in this world of blogging, any revelation that helps me grow is welcomed. As is life, we learn, forget, and then learn again.


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