Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Was Skyfire Developed For The Desktop?

Yesterday, I introduced the latest version of Skyfire. With version 3.0, users receive a mobile web browser with deep integration into Facebook and its community. Unfortunately, the browser did not perform as expected.

While trying to check Gmail, I received the error message shown above. When using the default browser on the Samsung Epic 4G, I am able to visit Gmail with no problems. In fact, I can visit nearly all of Google's popular services with no issues at all.

Visiting many of my favorite web sites using Skyfire left me dissatisfied. Upon further review, I realized that many of the bookmarked sites I frequent are mobile versions. For some reason, Skyfire does not work well with the mobile sites I visit. Instead, I have to visit Gmail, Google Calendar, and other similar sites as if I were on a desktop machine. This means a lot of scrolling and swiping.

In an effort to correct the problem, I went under the hood to adjust some of the settings. The first setting I looked at was the "Load Pages As," which only gave me a Default or Desktop option. Since the initial selector was already on "Desktop," I changed it to "Default" instead. Revisiting my mobile bookmarks, nothing changed.

What's the use of this really neat social browser for the Android if the pages do not load correctly?

Are you experiencing this issue at all? If so, what did you do to correct it? Leave me a comment in the section below.

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