Friday, December 31, 2010

Challenge: Can You Write 25 Blog Posts On New Years Eve?

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What are your plans for New Years Eve? Thinking about going out for a night on the town? Maybe hanging with some friends over dinner? Do you have a yearning to do something that you have never done before? If the latter sounds like you, might I intrigue you with a New Years Eve challenge?

Last night, while scanning the Twitterverse, I caught this tweet from my friend Wayne Sutton.

Within minutes, I inquired about the challenge. "What are the rules?", I asked. Adria Richards, a fellow blogger and challenge initiator, relayed the following on her blog, entitled, "Contest: Write 25 Blog Posts On New Year’s Eve. Win Stuff! #25blognye":

Publish 25 new blog posts to your blog on 12/31/2010 between 12:01 am and 11:59pm New Years Eve

1st place
Your Choice: $50 Amazon Gift Certificate or 1 year of Amazon Prime Free 2 day shipping

2nd place
$25 Netflix Gift Certificate

3rd place
Business Book (value approx $15)

Your choice of:
How To Enter
Complete your 25 new posts and leave a comment on Adria's blog post with the the 25th blog post url to be entered to win!

Note: Be certain to leave your 25th blog url on Adria's blog for contest entry. Leaving a url on my blog is great for reading, but I'm not judging.

Entries will be judged overall on helpfulness to the blogosphere and people who use Google to find answers to their questions, creativity, use of photos. The more personal and authentic the posts, the better.

Winner Notification
Winners will be notified via email or Twitter Monday, January 3rd by midnight PST.

Final Thoughts
Yes, 25 blog posts in 24 hours is a pretty epic event, if you were to ask me. However, it is a challenge that will be tons of fun. Think about it, you get an opportunity to push yourself into the new year, increase your blog's pageviews, meet new people, and win prizes. How great is that?

So, if you're interested, drop me a comment in the section below. Make sure to stop by Adria's blog for all the details, including a helpful FAQ.

If you're unsure, or not up for it this year, feel free to support those who are by using the Twitter hashtag #25blognye

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