Friday, December 31, 2010

Initial Reaction To The Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor

Days ago, I decided to venture out and spend a little money. After weeks of silent debate, and prodding by the kids, I purchased the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor.

Priced at $149, the device included the following:

  • Kinect Sensor
  • Power Supply Cable
  • Game (Kinect Adventures!)
  • Manual
  • WiFi Extension Cable
For many of you, this is nothing new. However, I thought it would be interesting to share my initial reaction to the device. What surprises didn't I see before hand? I'll share them with you now.

Initial Reaction
  • It moves: Maybe this is just me, but I was unaware that the Kinect device has its own motor. For anyone used to a webcam, users do not adjust the camera, it adjusts itself. All you need to do is place it on the television and go.
  • You really need up to 10 feet: I thought the device would fit perfectly in my room. On the box, the manufacturer recommends 6 feet, which I have. Unfortunately, I found that it really needs more like 6-10 feet. Could it be that I'm over 6 feet tall? Would 6 feet work better for my children?
  • It needs power: If you read the contents above, you'll probably figure out that the sensor comes with its own power cord. It has a power cord because it needs power to move the sensor's motor. For someone like me, I'm already limited by the number of plug-ins I have on that wall. 
  • It rocks: Despite all the other gotchas, the system is pretty awesome. Once you get it working correctly, it allows you to control the Kinect dashboard without a controller. My only disappointment is that the dashboard doesn't show Netflix, which means I still have to use a controller. Maybe they'll add that in a future update.
Well, that's a quick reaction to the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor. Be on the lookout for the unboxing video, which should be out within the next few days.  

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