Sunday, January 16, 2011

eBook: Embracing Twitter...So It'll Embrace You Back

Today, I learned that the e-book Embracing Twitter has just been released. "What is Embracing Twitter?" you ask. Well, for starters, it is a wonderful book that shares insight related to Twitter from thirty-five experienced users (including me!). The contributors shed light on how to maximize Twitter for business needs but also offers advice on how to simply enjoy the experience.

Is This FREE Book For You?
You’ll know that this book is right for you if you find yourself answering yes to any of the following questions:
  • Are you not sure what Twitter can do for you?
  • Are you concerned about Twitter’s reliability? 
  • Are you avoiding Twitter because it requires too much time?
  • Concerned that you aren’t the sort of person who would be on Twitter? 
  • Do you feel discouraged or out of touch because of all of the “buzz” about Twitter?
  • Are you already on Twitter, but not getting much out of it?
  • Do you think Twitter is a hipster toy and nothing more than a distraction?
  • Are people telling you that you must join Twitter?
  • Do you want more traffic for your website, videos, or other online content?
  • Do you want to know when someone is talking about you or your business?
  • Do you want to be where your customers are?
Let me stress that there is something in this book for everyone. Consider reading one article per day for the next 36 days and tell me if you're not moved, changed, or better in some way.

Please Share It!
This book was created with YOU in mind, so enjoy it. While you're at it, why not share the link with your friends, family, coworkers, church family, and fraternity/sorority members. Go ahead, it's FREE!

Download the free ebook HERE

Once again, I would like to thank Justin McCullough (@mccjustin) for inviting me on the project. While this may be a surprise to some, this is my first (and hopefully not my last) ebook, so it has a special place in my heart. In addition to Justin, I would like to thank Ben Henick (@bhenick) for his editing skills, Liz Strauss (@lizstrauss) for her contribution, and to the other 31 authors who helped make this project come to life.

Thank you:
  1. Mohammed Al-Taee (@maltaee)
  2. John Antonios (@johnantonios)
  3. Dave Barger (@lalunablanca)
  4. Bernie Borges (@berniebay)
  5. Mark Brimm (@MarkBrimm
  6. Amy Domestico (@AmyBlogTalk
  7. Antony Francis (@Antony511)
  8. Chris Garrett (@chrisgarrett)
  9. Phil Gerbyshak (@PhilGerb
  10. Nathan Hangen (@nhangen)
  11. Erno Hannink (@ernohannink)
  12. Jen Knoedl (@JenChicago
  13. Alexis Lamster (@postling)
  14. Misako Lauritzen (@mlauritzen)
  15. Kneale Mann (@knealemann)
  16. Michelle Mangen (@mmangen
  17. Becky McCray (@BeckyMcCray
  18. Mike Merrill (@mikedmerrill)
  19. Stephanie Molina (@beaumartian)
  20. David Murray (@DaveMurr
  21. Kelly Olexa (@KellyOlexa
  22. Amber Osborne (@missdestructo)
  23. Trey Pennington (@treypennington)
  24. Pieter van Osch (@pyotr)
  25. Michael Procopio (@MichaelProcopio
  26. William C. Reichard (@wreichard)
  27. Sheila Scarborough (@SheilaS)
  28. Jeff Shuey (@jshuey)
  29. Stephen P. Smith (@hdbbstephen)
  30. John Stone (@JohnJStone
  31. Brendan Wenzel (@BrendanWenzel)


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