Friday, September 23, 2011

Dish Network Announces Blockbuster Movie Pass For $10

Earlier today, the Dish Network announced Blockbuster's new streaming service titled, "Movie Pass." For an additional $10 a month, Dish Network customers will have access to over 100,000 movies, television shows, and games.

Note: Blockbuster Movie Pass is NOT a stand-alone service. Instead, it is a packaged deal for Dish Network subscribers.

How Does It Work?
The Blockbuster Movie Pass provides the following:
Mail It! – More than 100,000 DVD movies, TV shows and games available by mail. No additional charge for high definition Blu-ray™ movies. One ($10), two ($15) or three ($20) disc plans available. Queue management made conveniently from a link at

Stream it! – Stream more than 3,000 movies to the TV. Stream more than 4,000 movies to the PC. Watch hundreds of on-demand TV shows.

Play it! – More than 3,000 video games by mail for XBOX®, XBOX 360®, Playstation2™, Playstation3™, and Nintendo Wii™.

Exchange it! – Unlimited exchanges of DVDs and video games at participating Blockbuster stores.

Watch it! – More than 20 premium entertainment movie channels from studios like MGM, Epix, Sony Movie Channel, PixL and more.
The service is scheduled to begin October 1, 2011.

To see more details on the service, check out the video below. After the break, let me know what you think. Is this a Netflix killer? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you cannot see the video, click here.


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