Friday, October 7, 2011

Facebook Rolls Out New Insights For Pages

Facebook announced on its blog today the release of a new Insights reporting tool for pages.

Based upon my observation, there are now two Insight reports on the page. The one on the left, located under Wall, Info, and Friend Activity is the new tool (see below).

The Insight located on the right is now appropriately named "Old Insights." 

Clicking on the new Insights now lets me see valuable information about my posts. Most notably, the report allows owners to see which posts were most viewed, engaging, talked about, and viral.

My Thoughts
I like the recent change Facebook made to its Insights reporting tool. As I write this article, I am wrestling with the idea of closing down my current discussion board and moving it back to the Facebook page.

Initially, I wanted to keep visitors on my site and thought hosting a message board would be a nice touch. Looking at my analytics, many visitors stop through the discussion board but don't comment. Could it be because one has to register? Could it be that I'm not asking the right questions?

Whatever the reason, Facebook just made the argument for Facebook Pages as my community much more appealing. Not only will I have access to 800 million people, but I also get additional data on individual posts. That's pretty neat!

The other thing this update has me thinking about is my current efforts to engage readers. Looking at the most recent Insights report, I must do better. Instead of posting news links and waiting for comments, I should ask questions, poll my readers, and encourage them to share news stuff as well, which is exactly what Facebook has in mind.

Congratulations to the Facebook development team for making this recent tool available. Let's see if it helps me do a better job of engaging.

What do you think? How will the new Insights tool help you? What ideas do you have that will help me engage others into fun conversations. Let me know in the comment section below.


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