Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Facebook Rolls Out One-Click-Name-Delete For Mentions

While responding back to Facebook friends this morning, I noticed something odd. Instead of pressing the Backspace button multiple times, I only had to press it once to remove a friend's last name.

Before today, if I wanted to mention a friend then I would have to begin typing his/her name into the post. For example, to mention Michael Render, I would type:


Then, a drop down box would appear showing "Michael B. Render, II."

The problem is that I don't address friends by their full name.

Hey, Michael B. Render, II, how are you today?

Instead, I like to mention them by their first name.

Hey, Michael, how are you today?

Using just their first name in a post makes it less formal and more friendly. So, to make this happen, I had to press the Backspace key multiple times.

Not anymore! Today, to address a friend by his or her first name, I just have to mention them and hit the Backspace only once.

I know, it's a small change, but I appreciate it. I hope you do, too.

Thank you, Facebook!


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