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Liveblogging IndeConf: 7 Inexpensive & Easy Secrets to Build Your Biz

Presenter: Heather O'Sullivan (@heathero)

Think Different
We are moving into a different place. Today, we have Google and so does everyone else. In the old days, having to create a cohesive message, because it was on television, doesn't happen that way anymore. There is only ONE place to get Chunky Monkey Ice Cream, but there TONS of places to get vanilla ice cream.

We often think that we have to be all things to all people. You have to stand out.

Today, we are in a place where we are all connected. That's great, but it makes finding people hard to do. You need a niche. People that know what you know, don't need you.

What are the people I am here to serve looking for? What do they need? What is the result that they want?

People don't care about HOW you get what they want. They just WANT the final product. When you focus on what they want, you can better deliver the final product.

As humans, we tend to filter out things we don't need to know. It's hard to unknow what you already know. This means that you have to ask your clients. What do THEY think about your product or service. Feedback from clients is valuable. Take it as a grain of salt, though.

Heather asked the question, are you more creative or technical (left or right brained)? Hands get raised.

Heather asks her clients to write in a journal for 90 days. Writing in a book helps the creative side. You have to use it (creative or technical sides of the brain) or you will lose it.

What does an ideal client look like?

Fly Lady
Heather tells a story of the Fly Lady. She explains that the Fly Lady was a hoarder. Many years ago, the Fly Lady decided that she would correct the problem. After doing some research, she decided to create a Yahoo! Group. Today, she has like 900,000 members. She also writes one article a day. When she writes, she writes to the one person.

The Fly Lady talks about keeping your house in order.

Things we can learn from the Grateful Dead about Marketing
The band was pre-Internet. The band knew who they were. They didn't dress like anyone else. They promoted bootlegging. They shared the music freely for those who didn't know who they were. Back then, they had a mailing list of 40k people. How many businesses today whine about having just a web site and that nobody is giving them $.

Heather is a big fan of the handwritten note. Most people don't have a problem giving physical address, but really guarded about giving their email addy.

She tells another story about trying to send out 25 handwritten note. With two examples, she explains how two people she sent notes two were really shocked and appreciative. She didn't get a sale, but she did get referrals.

In the social space, marketing is a crazy thing. Talking about what YOU do everyday online will cause you to lose friends. However, sharing valuable information is often welcomed.

Activity Challenge
Look around the room for something "Green!" Close your eyes and tell me something that's red. (some couldn't do it)

The red items are still here, but we're looking for something GREEN. We filter out everything else.

7 Secrets
  1. People buy from & refer to those they like & trust
  2. Know who you are talking to (Lanugage)
  3. Be where they are (Platforms)
  4. Give Value!
  5. Show don't tell
  6. Know your Passion & choose Your Niche
  7. Be Authentic - Be YOU!
The HARDEST thing to do is pick a niche (Amen!) Think about a niche that you would enjoy working with the most and commit to it for 90 days. Try it!

Questions from the Audience

How do you get to be known as an expert for an area?
Blog about the topic. Heather searches for great articles and topics to blog about. Put topics in an Evernote for later use. Surprisingly, it happens pretty easily and quickly. Trying to look at yourself the way other people see you. This will help you get better.

Remember, people don't want perfect. Sometimes, they just want someone who is a little above where they are. Perfect is the enemy of progress <--- My own thought.

She mentioned her first video blog as a perfect example of imperfection, "Did you step in poop today!


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